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Business Retirement Plans

We work with you to maximize the business, owners, C suite, and key decision makers objectives through Employee Benefit strategies, Tax Planning strategies, and Retirement Planning strategies.

How We Do It

Risk Mitigation

Through our services and key strategic partners we assist in risk reduction for Plan Sponsors with:


3(21) and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Services
  • Taking the personal liability and responsibility away from Plan Sponsors by providing regular and routine investment selection, review, and implementation for Plan Participants

  • Our investment options can include traditional investment assets with mutual funds, target date retirement series, ETFs, equities, bonds, and alternative investments (private equity, real estate, etc).

3(16) Administrative Fiduciary Services
  • Our Partners can take over Plan Administration with payroll integration, distribution requests, participant loan facilitation, and annual census completion.

  • Our Partners can also complete and sign the annual 5500 to reduce liability for plan sponsors.

  • Annual audit integration

Competitive Cost and Consistent Monitoring

By partnering with a diversified lineup of Record Keeping and TPA partners, we stay abreast of pricing improvements in the industry and see where we can remain competitive with your plan.

ERISA Compliance

Being specialized in the industry and partnering with trusted experts, we can ensure Plan Sponsors are staying compliant with ERISA on key factors that most plans miss. We ensure you stay consistent with:

  • ERISA Bonding requirements

  • Annual education requirements

  • Bi-annual benchmark requirements

  • Administrative requirements

  • Annual reporting and disclosure requirements

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Our team of professionals is here for you.

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