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A significant focus in our practice has been providing excellent service and asset management guidance to auto dealers and their reinsurance service partners.  Our strengths include:​

  • Extensive reinsurance management experience across multiple administrators

  • Quick and efficient account opening

  • High touch service model

  • Investment management that adheres to each administrator’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS) yet attempts to maximize returns within the guidelines driving more profit to the Reinsurance Company

  • Proprietary investment models built in house using mostly individual stocks and ETF’s to keep internal expenses low

  • Fee transparency. We charge an advisory fee and that’s it. No commissions, loads, statement fees, etc

  • Administrative staff that understands the intricacies of reinsurance and has been working with reinsurance accounts greater than 15 years

  • Advise reinsurance companies in other areas like dealer 401(k)s, retirement plans, personal wealth management, business account management, private equity, real estate, and more!

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