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The SLWA Difference

To reduce your portfolios correlation to the stock market and reduce volatility we can help you blend counter cyclical combinations of three different asset categories: 


Traditional Portfolios

We invest primarily in publicly traded stocks and bonds, either directly or through low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs). We also occasionally use stock option strategies to hedge risk and/or augment income. All of our investment portfolios are charged an advisory fee only. We don't charge commissions.

Real Estate Investing

For clients looking to diversify themselves from the volatility or risk associated with being invested solely in stocks and bonds, we can assist in the sourcing of real estate investment opportunities. We have experience in real estate income properties and an established network to help find and manage properties for our clients. We help clients by analyzing the financial prospects of a property, sourcing and overseeing property managers, coordinating financing, and advising on strategic decisions associated with driving the value of a property.


Private Equity

We also help our clients through analyzing, and when appropriate sourcing, other assets that have low or inverse correlations to the stock market. We have experience in private equity investments and capital raises for early stage businesses.

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Our team of professionals is here for you.

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