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See the SLWA Difference

Working with you to reach your financial goals.

San Luis Wealth Advisors strive to provide excellent service and investment guidance to a select group of clients. We do so by being independent of a large bank or brokerage firm so we can use best in class solutions while reducing expenses. We take a holistic approach, advising across both sides of our clients' balance sheets. In addition to being experienced investment advisors, we are well versed in business entities, taxation and estate strategies, trust management, capital raises, real estate financing and management, and private equity. 

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Our team of professionals is here for you.

Our Process



Our process starts with a discovery conversation with you. We want to answer a few questions:

  • What are your goals?

  • What are your concerns?

  • How tolerant are you of volatility?

  • Does San Luis Wealth Advisors provide what you are seeking?

  • Are your goals achievable?

  • What have been your investment experiences so far? 



Our team collaborates with your other advisors, business managers and any family members of your choosing. We can coordinate the communication and data flow to make your finances as efficient as possible for you. Topics of synergy with your other advisors:

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Retirement planning

  • College funding

  • Insurance analysis

  • Debt/loan analysis

  • Real estate opportunities and management

  • Goal monitoring

  • Start up company investing

  • Capital raising 



Everyone has a different relationship with their money and so each client has a different level of detail needed to make decisions with conviction. Prior to investing we address:

  • Your risk tolerance

  • How your experiences with investing might affect your reaction to volatility

  • Which goals are achievable 

  • Which goals should be prioritized 

  • Do you have estate documents in order

  • Is your estate plan meeting your objectives and creating tax advantages

  • Are you properly insured

  • Do you have adequate resources to provide the lifestyle you desire

  • Can we reduce your risk and reach your goal



After determining your investor profile and assessing your goals and risk tolerance, we will invest your money. We manage your brokerage account portfolios with discretion and on a fee only basis.  Your investments may include a combination of:

  • Stocks

  • Bonds

  • Cash alternatives/money markets

  • CDs

  • Stock option strategies

  • Real estate

  • Private equity 

We specialize in assisting clients with a minimum of $1,000,000 of investable assets.

With over 40 years of experience,
our services include:

  • Investment Portfolio Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Corporate Retirement Plans 

  • Estate Planning 

  • Real Estate Investment Consulting

  • Private Equity

  • Capital Raises

  • Reinsurance Investment Consulting

  • Lending Consulting

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